Color’s Ordinates And Affinities: Instructions For Chromatic Living

This series developed through my encounter with one of the special collections at the University of Iowa during my 2011-12 residency there as a Grant Wood Fellow in Painting. I was intrigued by work from the Centro de Arte y Comunicación (CAYC), which was part of the larger Fluxus movement. Central to this collection are the “easily reproducible,” fragile blueprint drawings that were made in the 1970s for an unprecedented exhibition titled “Towards a Profile of Latin American Art,” a collaboration among an international collective of conceptual artists seeking to establish connections between North and South America. I seek to reinterpret a utopian sensibility that characterized, albeit differently, both the Fluxus and Geometric Abstraction movements. “Color’s Ordinates and Affinities: Instructions for Chromatic Living,” a solo exhibit at the ABW Gallery, consisted of a constellation of monochrome paintings and vinyl on walls. For each painting, I created titles in the form of instructions for creating monochromes, texts which in turn became the basis for the subsequent “Never Underestimate a Monochrome” at the museum the following fall. [photos: Jesse James Sinclair]

Installation: University of Iowa ABW Gallery, 2012