The Pink Elephant In The Room

Despite systemic gender and racial inequity within the art world, serious discussion of the continually unfolding effects of bias continues to be largely taboo. In this series, I pair rib-tickling and color to address this subject, exposing it while rendering it visible. Titled “The Pink Elephant in the Room,” it uncomfortably and humorously occupies and pre-occupies the symbolic White Cube. Ample factual evidence provided by counting of shows, reviews, gallery representation and collection practices by the work of groups such as Brainstormers, Guerrilla Girls and Gallery Tally prove the gender/racial bias in the art world is still pervasive, and yet the phenomenon and its multilayered mechanisms are far from being thoroughly theorized. The Pink Elephant in the Room addresses the “invisibility” of these issues through indulging in the color pink as a feminist statement while also re-signifying upon the language of abstract painting.

Painting installation, Project Room at Fabien Castanier Gallery, Los Angeles, 2015. Part of “Multifarious Abstraction,” curated by Cecilia Fajardo-Hill. Photo credit: Gene Ogami.