Unconfirmed Makeshift Museum [UMM]

The Unconfirmed Makeshift Museum (UMM) is a flexible project space with a playful utopian sensibility, conceived as an intervention in a suburb of OC. As a curatorial experiment intended to decentralize circulation of contemporary practices, UMM integrates the sensory, poetic, political and affective dimensions of the everyday. UMM’s mission is to provide a shifting creative platform for contemporary art through exhibitions and events in a community setting. UMM is infrapolitics, operating in the debris of heroic certainties. It is a space made visible through iteration over time, a way to simultaneously render and erase the lines dividing private and public, quotidian life and art, a house becoming art space and an art space welcoming neighbors. UMM is slow and shifting, kaleidoscopic and puzzling. UMM is conceived and directed by artist Mariangeles Soto-Díaz.

On its last iteration, UMM traveled to Klowden Mann Gallery in Culver City to present an art exhibit and event series. The exhibit included works from UMM’s Impermanent Collection, a Participatory Project, and a series of Untested Address events by diverse artists and writers. More information on UMM at Klowden Mann Gallery.

UMM Website: http://unconfirmedmakeshiftmuseum.org