Of Warriors and New Kinships

Works from this series are featured in the 2021 Everywoman Biennial, New York/London, and in Cecilia Fajardo-Hill, “Inner/Outer Exile in Contemporary Venezuelan Art,” Review 103: Literature and Arts of the Americas, País Portátil: Contemporary Venezuelan Writing and Art, guest-edited by Javier Guerrero (Routledge, The City College of New York, Fall 2021).

In this new series of digital collages and short videos, I suture disparate fragments as I exercise learning and unlearning imposed histories, reassembling parts that wish to be whole. The works manifest physical and ethereal temporalities, embodied practices and formative memories.

As I train as a martial arts warrior within Judo’s framework of non-violent resistance against the backdrop of patriarchal, political and military violence plaguing South America, I ask how to emancipate the body in exile. Thinking through the cipher of an exiled population that looks like me, I walk through the multiple consciousness of fragmentation.