Unconfirmed Makeshift Museum [UMM]

The Unconfirmed Makeshift Museum (UMM) is an artist-run project with a peculiar sensibility. It is organic and unfinished in its form of resistance, conceived as an intervention in a planned community and ur-suburb in Orange County, California. It provides a shifting platform for contemporary art through exhibitions and events in a community setting. As a local experiment intended to decentralize the circulation of contemporary art practices, UMM materializes the practice of knitting the functional logic of domestic, civic and cultural threads. Made visible by iteration over time, UMM simultaneously renders and erases the lines dividing private and public, a domestic space becoming art space and an art space welcoming neighbors, but not always. UMM is kaleidoscopic and puzzling. It is conceived, run and directed by artist Mariángeles Soto-Díaz.

UMM Website: https://unconfirmedmakeshiftmuseum.org